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Monthly Brazilian Club



Come be a part of our Brazilian Club! You'll visit us once a month to be pampered and treated to our painless soy-based wax. If you're nervous about waxing for the first time, don't be! Our special soy- based wax sticks to the hair rather then the skin, so that there is minimal pain and no skin irritation. Still worried? We also offer numbing cream to create the best experience possible for you.


Waxing removes hair at the root so that it takes longer to grow back then other methods. Once you come to us, you'll find that each experience becomes easier as your hair becomes thinner.


Before visiting us, make sure to let your hair grow out for at least two weeks (the longer the hair, the less it hurts). Afterwards, make sure to exfoliate often to acheive the best possible result. We also offer Finipil for purchase for help with ingrown hairs. Need a full body wax? No problem. Just ask!



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