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Flash Your Lashes

It’s always in style to have big, full eyelashes. There are so many different options to achieve this look with new products like Latisse, lengthening mascaras, or my specialty, eyelash extensions. Most of these products easily feet in to your everyday lifestyles. From products like Latisse and Rapid Lash that you apply to your eyelid, lash extensions, or mascaras by L’Oreal and Revlon that one can apply on the go every day , there is a product for every woman’s lifestyle to have full, luscious lashes.

Latisse will make your eyelashes grow so big and full; I swear almost up your eyebrows. Though Latisse costs more, it requires less work and is perfect for busy women. Latisse is applied only once a day and also has positive reviews from many customers. Very few reported side effects. Though, some subtle side-effects of Latisse are some darkening of the eyelids and darker spots on light-colored eyes.

Rapid Lash doesn’t require a prescription, can be found at drugstores, and is about half the price of Latisse. Rapid Lash makes the lashes more voluminous and conditioned, but the result is not necessarily guaranteed because it is an OTC product. The most commonly reported side effect is itching or slight burning of the lash roots.

Something everyone can do and work into their daily routine is use lengthening mascara. My go-to lengthening mascara is L’Oreal Double Extend. It helps grow healthier and stronger lashes I have seen in case after case. Another one of my favorites is Revlon Grow Luscious by Fabulash in black. It was featured in Glamour and Allure and I noticed results in three weeks. They should be used every day for full results in four weeks. These mascaras are great for making your eyelashes healthy and full, so they look extra long and thick until your next lash extensions appointment. These products make the lashes healthier as well so they are less likely to fall out and able to support strong lash extensions.

What are you doing for bigger, healthy lashes?

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