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From eye-brow to eye-wow: The key to a perfect brow!

Creating the perfect brow is an art form. A lot of the times people will have brows that are thicker in some areas or one brow will be rounder or more arched than the other. This is such a pet peeve for me! Every time I sculpt an eyebrow, I use a soy-based wax (it hurts less and doesn’t cause break outs) and then shape the brow afterwards with tweezers to make sure it is even.

Doing a brow is like sculpting artwork. I make the arch based on the shape of your face and the best way to accentuate your features. A good eyebrow shape will show off your natural beauty!

A bad brow job is not always able to fixed in one visit. If one eyebrow is made thinner than the other, or more arched, it may take a while to fix because the hairs can take up to six months to grow back! When clients come to me who have bad and uneven eyebrow jobs, I usually just clean them up in a couple weeks between visits. After about 2-3 visits I will do a shaping. I sometimes will use a growth enhancement product to help the brow grow in looking full.

I choose waxing over threading because I feel like I can make a more polished shape. I always use a combination of waxing and tweezing so that I can get the exact shape I want. Sometimes, there will be two people threading one person at the same time which makes it hard to shape two even brows. I’m so fascinated by the process of threading though!

Have you ever gotten a bad eyebrow wax? What did you do to fix it?

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